Based on our long-term experience in the audit of financial statements and our actuarial knowledge, we analyse and review actuarial valuations considering aspects such as accuracy and completeness of data basis used, consistency with contractual terms, rules and regulations, appropriateness of actuarial assumptions, compliance with Solvency II, tax rules, German GAAP and International GAAP, exercise of judgement and accounting impacts.

Fidacta compiles Actuarial Valuations in respect of pension obligations, and calculates the amounts to be provided for obligatory pension insurance and early retirement, anniversary gratifications, etc.

MaRisk and Solvency II
We are well experienced in risk identification systems required under Sec 91 German Stock Law. We have advised several clients on the implementation of such systems as well as the first-time risk identification and audited risk identification systems according to German Auditing Standard IDW PS 340. Based on our knowledge and the combination of Audit and Actuarial Services we can deliver support in implementing the MaRisk requirements.

We are familiar with the design and operating effectiveness audits of internal control systems. This enables us to support you in your Solvency II tasks of pillar 2, for instance

Do the implemented controls cover all control objectives?
Are there “smarter” controls available?
Are controls performed effectively?
Do controls identify errors and deficiencies?
Are the right conclusions drawn?
Is there a follow-up?
Is documentation of internal controls appropriate and sufficient?

Are you looking for a sparring partner for the development and evaluation of Internal Models in Solvency II? Fidacta is also available here to support.