Your bridgehead into Germany
You regard Germany as an interesting marketplace to be there, but you experienced obstacles such as language barriers and different rules and regulations. We can act as your bridgehead into Germany by providing language support and advising you on general, business, tax and accounting matters specific to Germany.

Fidacta represents a long-term and well established team of Registered Auditors including experienced and professionally qualified staff members, combining the strengths of both professions for your benefit. Together with five own staff, Fidacta resorts, if needed, to experienced experts within the personal networks of its partners and staff. Four of the five own staff are highly-qualified StB** or WP*.

International Expertise
In addition to Audit Services and Accounting Technical Services (German GAAP, IFRS), Fidacta provides Translation Services such as English to German or English to Russian, and vice versa, focussing on translation of financial statements and annual reports.

Actuarial Services
Fidacta further provides Actuarial Valuations for the accounting of pension and other employee benefit obligations. A particular focus point of our Actuarial Services is non-life insurance

We also available as Interim Managers in the accounting, controlling or actuarial department.

Peter Gorontzy supports you also in Recruiting, based on his long-term experience in this area.

We perform Internal Audit activities to the size and nature requested by you.

Compiling a multiannual audit work plan.
Detailing the audit work for individual audits.
Coordinating, performing and assessing of audits.
Including third-party experts (e.g. IT).
Assessing the appropriateness and efficiency of your Internal Audit.

We can do Actuarial Controlling and support your Internal Audit function as independent risk-controlling function.

Do you request specific services? Please contact us, we are service providers and pleased to help you. Nature, size and timing of our work will be tailored flexibly to your demands.

* WP denotes German Registered Auditor
** StB denotes German Chartered Tax Advisor